Employee wellness tech: Feb. 28-March 4, 2022

A weekly roundup of technologies focused on monitoring and improving employee health and well-being.

By Kacey Larsen      

Eden Health launches proactive Care Plans as a step towards helping patients stay on top of personal health and disease-prevention tasks. Patients can engage with Care Plans through the Eden Health app, including personalized next steps, after-visit summaries and treatment plans. Care Plans will also remind patients to schedule follow-up appointments or screenings, about annual wellness visits or elements of a prescribed treatment. Care Plans are available for all patient members, and Eden Health can be an add-on to current health insurance.

             Pivotal Moments Media announces a new platform for mental health and fitness content. The entertainment and education company will create, distribute and promote programs—including podcasts, documentaries, feature films, music and access to speakers—with the aim of demonstrating the meaning and importance of mental fitness. With its range of free content and educational materials, this could be a useful resource around supporting and destigmatizing mental health challenges.  

             Digital Park launches a new version of its Drift Wellness mindfulness app. The Black-owned tech startup launched the app to combat mental stress during the peak of COVID-19, and this new version creates more customization for users, including an integrated pulse check-in feature. By placing fingers over their phone’s camera and flash, the app measures the user’s heart rate and creates an ambient sound tailored to their pulse. A new voice command feature can guide users to take deep breaths while in the app. The app is free exclusively in the Apple App Store.

             Online pharmacy Ro has acquired Dadi, a sperm collection and testing startup. This is the second acquisition the company has made in the fertility space, having also acquired at-home women’s fertility testing company, Modern Fertility. Having started prescribing medications around sexual health, Ro seems to be positioning itself as a source for reproductive health, especially as many feel there is stigma around fertility challenges. The company is a cash-pay pharmacy and does not accept insurance, HSA or FSA cards, though receipts can be submitted for reimbursement.

             RecoveryOne launches its new Motion Trainer, a computer vision tool that traces motion and gives feedback for patients performing physical therapy in a virtual environment. The technology uses a device’s built-in camera to provide visual and audio guidance for patients using RecoveryOne for chronic and acute low back pain. The company made the Motion Tracker sensorless to avoid higher costs or incorrect set-up, and it is accessible through an app on a phone, tablet or in a web browser.

             Patient social media startup MyHealthTeams has developed myCOVIDteam, a network for individuals facing “long COVID.”. The community, which comes out of a partnership between MyHealthTeams and Discovery, provides information including risk facts, symptoms and treatment options. Users can also access studies about the condition and interviews with doctors, plus share personal stories and experiences. The myCOVIDteam community is launching in 13 countries.