Tech: Feb. 14-Feb. 18, 2022

A weekly roundup of technologies focused on monitoring and improving employee health and well-being.

By Kacey Larsen      
roundup of technologies

CVS Health introduces a new digital service that simplifies the process for locating, ordering and picking up at-home COVID-19 test kits. Available through the company’s website or app, the service has zero out-of-pocket cost—unless the pharmacy is not in a consumer’s health plan—and CVS will submit a claim on behalf of a user if insurance information is provided at check out. This digital service tackles the Federal Government’s guidance requiring private health insurers provide coverage for home tests while taking the onus off an individual to submit a claim after purchase.

             WebMD Health Services introduces two solutions aimed at fostering “meaningful connections” within hybrid and remote working environments. Community is a social media element within WebMD ONE where employees can join virtual internal groups based on interests and well-being goals, like exercise or nutrition. Group Coaching by WebMD is a video-based coaching program that has an on-video format participants can interact with while focusing on learning about topics of interest. Classes are facilitated by a certified WebMD Health Coach with no more than 20 people per class and can be used across all represented organizations. Both are available through WebMD ONE, which can be a standalone employer solution or available through a health plan.   

              The Osteoarthritis Action Alliance (OAAA) collaborated with Pfizer to update and expand OACareTools. Because osteoarthritis impacts 1 in 7 U.S. adults and can interfere with daily activities and work tasks, the online toolkit contains 21 new tools and resources customized for three groups: employer representatives, healthcare providers and adults/employees. Within the free toolkit, there are nine self-paced educational modules to expand understanding of the disease as well as support strategies.

              Employee benefits platform Bennie is partnering with Ginger, a provider of on-demand mental health care. This means Ginger (whose parent company is Headspace Health) will be available via Bennie’s Employer Marketplace when selecting or adding benefit options to an organization’s offerings. Ginger offers tools to help users with managing anxiety and reducing stress, including curated mental health resources, on-demand behavioral coaching and a video call with a licensed therapist or psychiatrist within days. Bennie can be used for benefits consulting, technology consulting or its Better Health Plan.

             LifeSpeak announces its intention to purchase Wellbeats, a wellness platform. The acquisition expands the employer-focused digital mental health company’s offerings into behavioral health and physical well-being spaces, with the aim of further appealing to employers and embedded-solutions clients as a comprehensive solution. The acquisition will present substantial cross-sell opportunities  for the existing client bases of each company.