Carol Brault
Senior Marketing Manager
Ragan Communications
October 21, 2020

Ragan Communications Announces

Workplace Wellness Insider

New offering to help HR and wellness leaders improve employee wellbeing

With the welfare of employees a major focus of organizations combatting a pandemic and other crises, Ragan Communications has announced the launch of a subscription service tailored to wellness, human resources and communications professionals. The Workplace Wellness Insider will provide insights and solutions needed to build corporate wellness initiatives that make an impact.

Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Insider features a website, newsletter, guides and other resources for executives and managers who need tools, strategies and ideas related to employees’ mental, physical and financial health, social wellbeing, and work-life balance. Additionally, the new brand features webinars, events and Workplace Wellness Awards.

At the core of this important product launch is the belief that fostering the physical and mental well-being of employees is no longer just nice to have, but critical to an organization’s sustainability and business performance.

Diane Schwartz, CEO of Ragan Communications, views corporate wellness initiatives as a bottom-line imperative for leaders responsible for employee productivity, health and morale.

“While employee wellbeing has always been important, never before has it been central to organizational health,” she says. “The stressors — mental, physical, financial and social — caused by the pandemic, social injustices and ongoing isolation cannot be ignored, and those overseeing wellness programs need a trusted source for guidance. We are both thrilled and humbled to be able to provide that with the Workplace Wellness Insider.”

Through its website and newsletter, Workplace Wellness Insider benefits include:

  • Coverage on everything related to corporate wellness and what it takes to better serve your employees, from HR and communication strategies to campaign tactics and outcomes.
  • A weekly deep dive into how specific organizations are managing employee wellbeing and the tactics and strategies deployed.
  • Research, data and context to help make sense of the market.
  • Complimentary reports such as Ragan’s Salary & Workplace Culture Survey: 2020 Edition and Back to the Workplace Guide.
  • 10% subscriber discounts on workplace wellness conferences, award entries and Ragan webinars.
  • Subscriber-only access to the Workplace Wellness Slack group to collaborate, network and brainstorm with your colleagues.
  • Timesaving, informative and engaging First Draft articles to use in company newsletters.

Learn more about Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Insider at www.​raganwellness.​com and discover how to develop and maintain a successful corporate wellness initiative at your organization.

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