Employee wellness tech: virtual office platform, an app for a mental health routine and more

A roundup of the latest tech focused on monitoring and improving employee health and well-being.

By Kacey Larsen      
Employee wellness tech: virtual office platform

Check out some of the emerging wellness tech for the week of April 11-15:

Virtual tech platform Teamflow helps organizations recreate an in-person culture in a remote world. It builds virtual offices complete with cubicles, break rooms and conference rooms that allow employees’ avatars to interact and collaborate with people and places, such as stopping by a coworker’s desk to ask a question. For more formal meetings or collaboration, the platform has note-taking tools and shared document views. Teamflow currently offers three organization size-based subscriptions.

– The app-based therapy solution Real offers programs and resources for developing a mental health care routine. Offering a suite of on-demand mental health tools, the app uses a therapist-designed, self-guided approach through the platform’s series of Pathways, which include career, stress, relationship and anxiety. A recent round of funding will allow further investment into health research. The $13 per month membership includes unlimited access to the app’s programming.

Jellyvision announces the launch of ALEX Connect, an app that centralizes benefit information for employees. Through the app, employees can interact with their health-care plans, ID cards, in-network provider searches, a built-in wellness tracker and more. Plus, the app can re-engage employees with their benefits throughout the year using targeted push notification reminders, engagement surveys and more.

– Fitbit introduces its Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification feature, which can run passively on Fitbit wearables and assess heart rhythm even when a user is sleeping or still. The feature uses a PPG-based algorithm for a long-term heart-rhythm assessment that then can alert users of potential photoplethysmography atrial fibrillation (AFib). Because AFib can increase the risk for stroke, heart failure or other heart-related complications, the feature will send a notification to see a health-care professional if a change is detected.

Unmind introduces its new cultural change platform that provides employers with solutions to measure and improve mental health within an organization. The platform includes four product suites: Unmind Learning, a training platform for managers; Unmind Insights, analytics tools and dashboards; Unmind Spaces, a well-being community with events and gatherings; and Unmind Wellbeing, tools and resources for employees. Initially the platform will be accessible to a select group of brands in the United Kingdom, but demos are available for U.S., Australian and French organizations.