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Lawrence Ragan Communications, Inc.
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Chicago, IL 60603

Customer Service:
Toll-free: 800.878.5331
Local: 312.960.4100
Fax: 312.960.4106

Head of Customer Service & Sales: Shallon Blackburn ShallonB@ragan.com or 800-878-5331

Editorial: Joyceann Garippa JoyceannG@ragan.com or Kacey Larsen kaceyl@ragan.com

Subscriptions: Carol Brault CarolB@ragan.com

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Sponsorship: Hannah Lavelle hannahl@ragan.com or 312.960.4628

CEO: Diane Schwartz DianeS@ragan.com or 203-529-3016

Chief Growth Officer and Head of Councils:
Mary Buhay maryb@ragan.com or 312.960.4205

CMO: Amy Jeffries  amyj@ragan.com